Our Process

At Equation Properties we employ a dynamic approach to development. We analyse opportunities in the market and have favourable access to off-market deals.

From here we review a particular site’s feasibility, taking into account the location, planning, costs and deliverability. If these elements are positive, we endeavour to secure the site so we can deploy our skills in creating an industrial development.

We also wield substantial experience in delivering Pre-Let buildings for occupiers. Whether this is in sites already within our control, or identifying new sites based specifically on the tenant’s requirements.

Underpinning the confidence from occupiers in our ability to deliver high quality developments off-plan, four pre-lets secured in 2019 and 2020. One has been completed at Proxima Park, and the occupier Coopers fire has taken occupation of their building. The AF Blakemore & Sons' unit is now under construction and completing in April 2021. Two more pre-lets were secured at Bradbury Park to Global Resale and Wheel Pros for 61,832 sq ft and 20,057 sq ft respectively.

Manton Lane, Bedford.

Client: AF Blakemore & Son

Proxima Park, Waterlooville

Client: Coopers Fire